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Church Stewardship Materials & Program

The Dynamic Giving System is a church stewardship program used by more than 1,000 churches in 13 countries.  Dynamic Giving equips pastors to lead their churches in biblical stewardship, helping them increase congregational giving an average of 10 to 30% in 5 weeks or less.

While developing this church stewardship program, Dr. Rogers led his church to increased in giving of 32, 23, 27, 19, and 18 percent over five consecutive years, with as many as 70% of his church members truly and joyfully giving 10 percent or more of their income to the Lord as a result of this church stewardship program.

A Stewardship Program Created By A Pastor For Pastors

While serving for fifteen years as senior pastor, Rod teaches church stewardship from a pastor’s perspective. He created the Dynamic Giving Toolkit to show pastors how to get the same results in a biblical manner:

  • Without using guilt,

  • Without time consuming committee meetings, and

  • Without awkward home visits.

Church Stewardship Materials: What's Included

You can experience the the same kind of spiritual transformation in your church. Learn how to lead your church in a biblical stewardship program that will transform your congregation.  Pastor Rogers' program will lead you step by step, with the 10-disc, multimedia, Dynamic Giving Toolkit which includes the following stewardship materials:

Dr. Roger's Book Pastor Driven Stewardship: 10 Steps to Lead Your Church to Biblical Giving

Pastor Driven Stewardship is a 286-page book contains everything you need to know to transform your church's giving, laid out in specific, easy-to-implement, detail. This is not just a book of theory, like most stewardship books out there! This is a practical manual that you can put to work in your church immediately. It's loaded with time-saving, proven sample letters, commitment or pledge cards, estimate of giving cards, sermons and sermon outlines. 8 audio CDs (Stewardship sermons & seminars)

2 Data CDs (Printable resources CD)

  • Data CD #1 contains the entire Pastor Driven Stewardship book in MS Word & PDF file formats. Contains the entire book, including sermons and ready- to-print study outlines. Just slip the CD into your computer, copy and paste anything from the book into your word processor, easily edit it to fit your style, print, and you're ready to go.

    • stewardship pledge cards,

    • follow-up letters,

    • estimate of giving cards,

    • sermons, etc.

  • Data CD #2 contains the two Student Manuals for the stewardship workshops from Moody's Pastors' Conference. Print these fill-in-the-blank Student Manuals for use in personal or group stewardship training.

7 Audio CD's:

These audio CD's are powerful tools for learning how to lead your people in this vital area of financial stewardship.

  • Overcoming Ministerial Myths about Money & Ministry, a stewardship workshop from Moody Bible Institute's 2008 Pastors' Conference. 

  • Leading Your Church to Dynamic Giving, a stewardship workshop from Moody Bible Institute's 2008 Pastors' Conference.

  • An audio CD with a 43-minute overview of the 10-step Dynamic Giving System. This is great for getting a quick idea of what's involved in the System; and it's also perfect for playing at board or staff meetings to rally support from your key leaders for your new stewardship approach.

  • 4 audio CD's with the complete, 4-week, stewardship series Taking the Stew Out of Stewardship. Each audio sermon is clearly presented and full of Scripture and great illustrations. The audio sermons correlate with the ready-to-preach printed sermons in Pastor Driven Stewardship book . You can be totally confident these expository sermons will work for you because Rod wrote and preached these messages in his own church, which saw annual increases in giving of nearly 24% each year for 5 years.


  • A copy of the TBN TV interview with Dr. Rogers on biblical stewardship.

Compact CD storage & carrying case

  • A storage case to carry all 10 discs in your car, to conferences, or meetings.

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