Dynamic Giving Church Stewardship Program

Transform Your Church Through Dynamic Giving


Our Dynamic Giving Toolkit Guarantee

Everything You Need to Ensure Your Success.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, because the Dynamic Giving Toolkit comes with this guarantee: If you apply all 10-steps exactly as presented, your church's giving will jump at least 10% in as little as 5 weeks or we will return your entire investment.

The Dynamic Giving Toolkit will also enable you to...

  • Gain increased personal confidence as you see your preaching and leadership result in large increases in offerings in five weeks, and year after year

  • See increased congregational commitment to your church due to increased ownership of the ministry—"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Jesus)

  • See a decrease in marital counseling due to couples achieving unity in their philosophy of money management and experiencing financial prosperity

  • Have the satisfaction of watching your people grow spiritually as they break free from bondage to materialism, and see God work miracles in their finances, all as a result of your courageous pastoral leadership.

My Personal Guarantee

"If my Dynamic Giving Toolkit isn't everything you were expecting, and the biblical tips and resources don't produce at least 10% increase in giving in 5 weeks, just ask for a prompt refund.  That's my promise and guarantee." - Dr. Rod Rogers