Dynamic Giving Church Stewardship Program

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Stewardship & Leadership Coaching

What Does A Dynamic Giving Consultation Involve?

While each consultation is tailored to an individual church’s unique needs, consultations generally include these proven elements:

  • On-site training for the pastor and key leaders in The Dynamic Giving System ten-step strategy

  • Personal coaching for the pastor by telephone/email/fax as he implements the strategy

  • Ready-to-preach stewardship sermon series in print, electronic, and audio formats

  • Written, step-by-step guide to implementing the ten-step stewardship strategy

  • Extensive manual (hardcopy and copyable PDF & MS Word file) with the entire program spelled out in detail, including biblical and leadership principles regarding stewardship, and pre-written materials such as sermons, commitment or pledge cards, congregational letters, and estimate of giving cards.

Our focus is on transferring skills to the pastor, so that he can successfully implement this dynamic stewardship strategy year after year—with a small one-time consulting investment. If a congregation is without a pastor, arrangements can be made for the consultant to preach the sermon series and personally oversee the implementation of the program.

How Are You Different From Other "Stewardship Consultants"?

Besides the fact that I don't wear expensive suits and lots of gold jewelry, what makes my approach unique is that it is

 Biblical   Life-transforming   Non-manipulative   Quick   Proven
 Easy to implement   Cost effective   Time-saving   Guaranteed

Because of these combination of factors, pastors who implement The Dynamic Giving System increase their church's weekly giving 10 to 60 percent (sometimes 100 to almost 300 percent overseas) in five weeks, and they do so comfortably, without pressure or guilt, while transforming their church spiritually.

Who Are Our Clients?

I work with dedicated pastors and denominational leaders, just like you, who are really good at what you do, but have never been taught exactly how to effectively lead your church biblical stewardship.

What Happens If You Haven't Yet Worked With People In My Denomination?

Bottom line: it doesn't matter. Since the Dynamic Giving System has been taught to over 900 churches around the world, it is very likely that a church from your denomination has been involved. The program is completely interdenominational and works with tremendous impact in every church that respects the Bible as God's word and where the pastor faithfully implements all ten steps of the System.

What Type Of Personality Do You Work Best With And What Is Expected Of Me?

Dynamic Giving consultations are created for strong, leadership-oriented pastors who are absolutely excited and deadly serious about increasing their church's giving and no longer having to worry wondering, "How are we going to meet budget this month?" or "How can we get the money we need to expand our ministry for greater spiritual impact?"

My personal coaching will help you to proactively lead your people into generous biblical giving increases of 10 to 60 percent within just five weeks. Being an action-oriented leader myself, I'm known to work best with other fresh-thinking pastors who are eager to get going, and just want to know exactly what steps to take to increase their church's giving.

My coaching results-oriented course in which you will be expected to take consistent action. You will learn a totally different way of thinking and leading and receive full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: church giving increases of 10 to 60 percent in five weeks.

What Kind Of Service May We Expect?

  • Rapid responsiveness. We return all phone calls within a few hours; all faxes and emails within 24 hours.

  • Total integrity. We always represent our services accurately and do our best to ensure that we create trustworthy expectations.

  • Cultural sensitivity. We respect your church’s culture and work from the pastor’s perspective.

  • High quality. We guarantee that all our personal interactions, training, methods, and materials meet, or exceed, the highest of professional standards.

Does This Really Work?

Absolutely! The result of our consultations is that you acquire the ability to teach and lead stewardship that, with the Spirit's blessing, increases giving year after year, so that you have the income you need to reach your world for Christ.

How Quickly Can I Expect Results?

Obviously, this depends on you and how faithfully you follow the steps I've laid out for you. That said, virtually all pastors that fully implement my System will see their church's giving increase by 10 to 60 percent (I guarantee a minimum of 10 percent) within five weeks of starting their stewardship sermon series. If that's not fast enough, I can't help you. Try guilt manipulation or sell chocolate bars.

Will I Recover The Investment I Put Into One Of Your Training Programs?

Yes, a resounding Yes! Many churches are able to cover the training investment within a few weeks from  their greatly increased offerings, but STOP! I want you to stop reading for just one moment to ask yourself, "What is a generously giving congregation worth to my church?" and "What level of increased giving willI receive annually from just this one investment?" Certainly that amount will more than cover your training investment. Add to that the immeasurable value of the spiritual growth that will happen in many of your people!

You will receive back ten to sixty times what you invested in our consultation the first year—that's thousands of dollars, no matter how small your budget. I guarantee it. And, over the next ten to twenty years, the information and skills you learn during a Dynamic Giving System consultation will net you hundreds of times what your church invested. Such a great and ongoing value from a small one-time investment

You are investing in results, now and for years to come, at this church or any church in which you may pastor. What do you get? More church income, more spiritual growth, more effective ministry, and greater spiritual impact for Christ. This is not simply a training event, a number of minutes on the phone with me, or a manual and a bunch of sermons. I will coach you to greater heights that will serve you for all of the years of your ministry.

Do I Have a Choice of Coaching or Consultation Programs?

Yes. You have several options to choose from, depending on how much help you believe you need to obtain maximum results, how many church leaders need to be included in the training, how much personal coaching the pastor wants, or the size of your church budget. 

Follow the links below for more information on any of our three programs.

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