10-Step Program

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The Ten Steps of the Dynamic Giving System™

Increasing your offerings greatly, quickly, and annually begins with understanding what the Bible really says about stewardship, why Christians don’t give, and what really causes people to give. Then, it means taking bold action on it. Our Pastor Driven Stewardship eBook, Dynamic Giving Toolkit, and Dynamic Giving Consultations all use ten proven steps to increase annual offerings.

Here’s what The Dynamic Giving System equips you to do:

Step 1: Master the Biblical Principles of Stewardship.

  • Overcome a common misunderstanding of grace giving that keeps pastors from bold stewardship leadership.
  • Get clear on what the Bible really says about tithing and what to say that will stir your people to give much more than 10 percent.
  • Have your faith enlarged as you study God’s amazing promises of emotional, spiritual, eternal, and financial rewards for the faithful giver.

Step 2: Personally Follow the Biblical Principles of Stewardship.

  • Be encouraged and challenged to give faithfully to your church, for your own good.
  • Learn why it is vital that you set the example of biblical giving.
  • See your personal story of faithful giving inspire your flock to similar generosity.

Step 3: Preach an Annual Stewardship Series.

  • Learn how and when to deliver an annual stewardship series that transforms your people from tippers to tithers in a few weeks, year after year.
  • Preach a ready-to-use, biblical, expository sermon series that has proven to increase giving and to kindle spiritual renewal in hundreds of churches worldwide.

Step 4: Expose Your People to Stewardship Testimonies.

  • Learn what the Bible really says about public giving testimonies and how you can unleash their enormous power during your stewardship series.
  • Let the testimonies of faithful givers practically deliver the messages for you.
  • Use a sample stewardship testimony guide to help your people prepare theirs.

Step 5: Ask for a 10 Percent Commitment.

  • Learn a method of asking for a generous giving commitment from your people that will move them to increase their giving ten-fold, overnight.
  • Learn how to offer a money-back guarantee that captures imagination and galvanizes giving.
  • Use a sample commitment card you can personalize to collect your people’s increased giving commitments.

Step 6: Send Follow-up Letters to New Givers.

  • Personalize and distribute pre-written, sample follow-up letters to reinforce your people’s new giving commitments.

Step 7: Pray For Your New Givers.

  • Tap into the power of believing prayer to bring God’s blessing on your people as they launch out into new giving territory.

Step 8: Distribute Frequent Giving Records.

  • Use a simple and easy method to provide non-threatening accountability and encouragement to keep people giving generously throughout the year.

Step 9: Use Estimates of Giving at Budget Time.

  • Unleash the power of estimates of giving at budget time to increase giving.
  • Personalize a sample estimate of giving card for use in your church.
  • Distribute and collect the cards to plan and implement an increased, realistic church budget, year after year.

Step 10: Teach Stewardship in New Members’ Classes.

  • Learn how to use your new members’ classes to get giving commitments from newcomers throughout the year.
  • Teach from a sample stewardship lesson outline in your new members’ classes.

“Our general fund offerings for the month of May showed a 57% increase over our average monthly offerings for both the past fiscal and calendar year. The past three years, our giving had been stagnant at best. We are even more thrilled by the spiritual growth we see in our people.” Dr. David Asch, Calvary Church