Why an Annual Stewardship Program?

church stewardship materials

Why Do An Annual Church Stewardship Program?

In a word, RESULTS

So, what results can you expect to get when you implement the powerful Dynamic Giving church stewardship program? (also see our testimonial page)

Spiritual Growth

Your congregation will learn about, and experience, the grace of giving.  People’s faith will be grown as they see God’s promises worked out in their lives.

Increased Giving

church stewardship materials

Churches in the US typically see increases in regular giving of 10%-30% in five weeks. Churches typically see increases of at least 10% each year thereafter, with no further investment required. International churches may anticipate even more astounding results, some reporting as high as 200%-300%

Save Money

One-time fee removes need for annual investment in new church stewardship programs. Inexpensive to implement

Save Time

Never have to search for another church stewardship program. No time-consuming preparation: ready-to-use program with sermons, hand outs, letters, etc. Giving increases in just five weeks

Avoid Unnecessary Effort

The Pastor doesn’t need to invest laborious hours to design a church stewardship program, create sermons, find illustrations, and try approaches that may not work. User friendly, non-labor intensive program (no time-consuming committee meetings or awkward home visits)

Relieve Stress

In these tough economic times you cad get rid of the stress of worrying about paying church bills, meeting the budget, dealing with debt, feeling defeated and helpless in the face of inadequate or declining giving. Learn to talk biblically about money and giving with confidence, without having to use pressure or guilt. Use a proven church stewardship program

Earn Congregational Praise and Respect

Pastors receive grateful praise from church members whose financial, marital, spiritual, and emotional lives are transformed because of their pastor’s obedience and faithfulness in teaching them to be good stewards. Many church members will view their pastor with increased respect because of his effective stewardship leadership and the change it produces in the lives of the congregation.

What do you get when you order the Dynamic Giving Toolkit?