Capital Campaign

Church Capital Campaign

church capital campaign

Unlike an annual church stewardship program, a church capital campaign is used to raise an offering above and beyond regular giving, for the purpose of capital purchases.  A capital campaign is often used for the purchase of land or construction but may include organs, remodeling, busses, or other expensive purchases.

With a professionally facilitated church capital campaign, churches typically raise between 1 and 3 times their current income from tithes and offerings over the course of a 3-year giving period. While some consultants talk about getting results of 4 times or more, it can usually be attributed to either one very large gift that put a church over the top or the fact that general giving was very poor and the 4-times giving is more of a condemnation of giving rather than a commendation for the campaign.

A capital campaign will help supplement regular giving to encourage extraordinary giving for a fixed period of time for a specific goal.

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